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World's Strongest Grocery Bag - Hand Waxed with Beeswax
World's Strongest Grocery Bag - Hand Waxed with Beeswax
World's Strongest Grocery Bag - Hand Waxed with Beeswax
World's Strongest Grocery Bag - Hand Waxed with Beeswax

World's Strongest Grocery Bag - Hand Waxed with Beeswax


    This heavy-duty beauty is as tough as they come. We took the strongest cotton canvas we could find and waxed it by hand with beeswax to make it water repellent and anti-microbial. The stitching is industrial strength and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

    • We hand wax each bag with pure beeswax. Our bags are made of only two materials: organic cotton and beeswax! 
    • Our waxed canvas is stiff so the bag holds its shape. It stands up on its own for easy filling at the market! And it folds up neatly for easy storage. 
    • Industrial-strength stitching makes this bag nearly indestructible. Lifetime guarantee! If a handle or seam ever rips, we will replace your bag for free. 
    • Our simple design is inspired by the standard brown paper grocery sack.
    • Dimensions: 17x12x7 inches (not including handles)


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Best grocery bag ever!

    My sister gave me my first Colony bag as a Christmas stocking stuffer last year. In addition to being great for groceries, one day at the dog park after a snowfall, I discovered that it can double as a seat cushion on a damp bench! So I just bought two more - one for my dog park friend who was quite taken with my ad hoc seat cushion and another bag for me…

    Jill Neufeld

    Truly the only shopping bag you will ever need! Holds lots - Easy to carry - Durable . . . Fast shipping

    Christina Raynak
    Sturdy and attractive

    I really like these shopping bags. They are sturdy and hold a lot of product They do not fall all over in the car and make it easy to get my groceries in the house.
    I really like them!

    Exactly what I was looking for

    I’ve only had them a few weeks, but these are proving to be excellent bags so far. Every time I’ve used them I get asked questions. Baggers at the grocery store always tell me how much they like them. They are extremely sturdy, are holding their shape when loading, and fold up really compact for carrying anywhere. One of the best qualities if these bags is that they can be absolutely loaded with groceries (or whatever else) and your strength to carry them becomes the only limitation. Fewer bags needed = fewer trips in/out of the house = less time wasted, and time is our most valuable resource.
    Initially, I was skeptical simply because the cost is greater than I planned. However, I plan to purchase more, because these. are. it.

    Colony grocery shopping bag

    I used my bag for the first time today and LOVE it. Several people remarked about it as I checked out… the quality of the item is great and the size is perfect and it doesn’t fold over like a wet dishrag‼️‼️