Why did you give your company the name Colony Co.?

We chose the name Colony Co. as a nod to bees. (i.e., bee colony) because we use sustainably sourced beeswax on our handmade bags. 

Why do you use beeswax on your bags? 

We chose beeswax for several reasons. Beeswax is a natural byproduct of honey production and is a sustainable alternative to synthetic waxes. (All other major brands of waxed canvas use a petroleum-based wax known as paraffin.) Beeswax is a better wax because it is renewable, sustainable, and naturally antimicrobial. 

Where are Colony Co. bags made?

Our bags are handmade in India. All steps of production, from farm to factory,  are certified organic and fair labor by the Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.)

How do I care for my new waxed canvas bag?

A periodic cleaning with a damp cloth or spraying it off with cold water is usually all that is needed. Sometimes, you may need to use soap but use it sparingly because regular use of soap will eventually remove the wax from the material. You may also use a soft scrub brush if you have a stubborn stain. Never use hot water. And never ever machine wash and dry it.

Can I put my bags in the washer/dryer?

For waxed canvas bags – No, not at all. These bags are durable, but waxed canvas should always be washed by hand. Think of it as how you would care for leather bags.

For the cotton drawstring bags (Produce Bags, etc,) machine washing is fine, but cold water is required to prevent shrinkage. Same for the dryer, use low/delicate heat to avoid shrinkage. High heat will cause them to shrink. We recommend just hanging them to dry since they dry very quickly.

Is your packaging easily recyclable?

Yes, all Colony Co. products now come packaged in kraft paper envelopes or cardboard box packaging made from post-consumer recycled material.  In addition, we use paper tape and biodegradable shipping labels when shipping items to you. Colony Co. shipments are always plastic-free!