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Our names are Laura and Dave Soutee, we’re from the midwest, and we are the proud parents of three amazing kids. After we became parents, we found ourselves to be increasingly concerned about the future of this planet. Like most people, we did recycle and we brought our own bags when we went shopping, but we started feeling like we could do better. As we started to think differently about our daily routines, something we noticed that had a lot of room for improvement was the quality of the reusable bags we had been using. These “eco-friendly” bags never lasted very long before they fell apart, so they didn’t actually seem like a great alternative to single-use bags... if they just ended up in a landfill. We started looking for bags that were durable enough to last a lifetime, and were surprised we couldn't find anything like that on the market. So we decided to make our own. In 2017 we founded a company named Colony Co. with a dream of making the world’s best reusable bags.


Colony Co. makes goods for sustainable living. We put an emphasis on durability because a reusable item only benefits our environment when it can withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use for many years. We value organic farming and production, because toxic chemicals harm all of nature, including us humans. You can buy our bags with confidence, knowing you are getting unmatched quality from a company who cares. Please reach out to us with any question or if you need anything at all! We truly are a small family business, and we personally respond to every single message and email. We love hearing from good people like you who care about sustainability.