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Where are Colony Co. bags made?

Our Reusable Produce Bags and Bulk Food Bags are made in India. These organic cotton bags are made under safe and ethical working conditions throughout all steps of production, from the farm to the factory, all of which is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.).

And we are happy to say we have now moved the production of our waxed canvas Lunch and Grocery Bags to India, too! This will allow for the same GOTS organic certification process on our canvas bags. These bags will be available in April 2020 (The waxed canvas bags currently in stock were made in China, by suppliers with high standards of quality and fair labor practices. We have all of our bags thoroughly tested by 3rd party labs to ensure they meet all FDA and California Prop 65 regulations for food safety.

How do I care for my new waxed canvas bag?

A periodic cleaning with a damp cloth or spraying it off with cold water is usually all that is needed. Sometimes you might need to use soap (not detergent) to remove a stain. You may also use a soft scrub brush. Never use hot water. And never ever machine wash and dry it.

Will using the Reusable Produce Bags and Reusable Bulk Bin Bags cause me to pay more at the register due to the weight of the bag?

No. We have printed the tare weight on the back of the brightly colored labels. This is for the cashier to use when they weigh the purchase. This deducts the weight of the bag. Weights are given in both English and metric units, so the bags can be used anywhere in the world.

The cashiers sometimes seem confused by the tare weights on the labels, and don’t know what to do.

We find most markets that focus on local and/or organic foods have no problem at all with this. However, some of the bigger supermarkets still have training issues. We believe this is just the beginning of the movement away from plastic bags, and in a few years this will no longer be an issue, no matter where you shop.

Is your packaging easily recyclable?

Yes, all Colony Co. products now come packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes. These boxes fold together to close, so no tape is needed on them. Also, no plastic is used inside these boxes.

*Please Note: Depending on the shipping method used to deliver your order, the packing materials used by third-party shipping companies could possibly include plastic “void fill” like inflatable air pillows. Unfortunately this is out of our control at this time, but we will continue to work toward a solution to eliminate all plastic from being used during our shipments. Until then, please refer to this resource for helpful instructions on recycling these plastics: how2recycle.info

Can I put my bags in the washer/dryer?

For waxed canvas Lunch or Grocery bags – No, not at all. These bags are durable, but waxed canvas should always be hand cleaned. Think of it like you would care for leather bags.

For the cotton mesh Reusable Produce Bags – Kind of. Machine washing is fine, but cold water is best to prevent shrinkage. Same for the dryer, use low/delicate heat to prevent shrinkage. High heat can cause them to shrink by 1 to 2 inches.

For cotton muslin Reusable Bulk Bin bags – Yes. These do not shrink significantly. We tested with hot water and high heat and they shrank less than ½ inch.

The cashier has to open the bag to get the code off the little stickers on the produce. Any suggestions for this?

Yes, one trick we've learned (that a lot of our customers say works for them, too) is if the produce has those little stickers on them, peel one off and put it on the front of the Colony Co. label. That way the cashier doesn't have to open the bag. They can see the sticker and the bag's tare weight all in one place. 

Is a waxed canvas bag okay to leave in my car during hot weather, or will the wax melt?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to do that. We have tested this and found it leaves no waxy residue. Also, we have had customers report the same thing when leaving the bag in their vehicles when the temperature was over 100+ degrees.

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